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"What happens at home is more important than what happens at church."




What is KIDSTUF?


Kidstuf is a family centered, shared worship experience for parents and their kids. It is an upbeat environment where learning about faith and character is fun and relevant! The shared experience will enable families to continue to communicate, teach, and lead throughout the week. We save the best seats for kindergarten-5th graders, but there’s a place for the entire family. During Kidstuf, families will spend time together in a high energy environment with great music, funny skits and Bible stories that help build character through virtues.

What makes it different?


This is NOT a kids program. This is NOT a VBS. This is not a place to drop your kids off while you go to “adult” service. This is a place for your whole family. This is potentially the most significant thing you and your child could do the entire week! It’s a time of worship and fun and teaching that you can carry with you until next Sunday and use it to talk about Jesus with your child!


What’s a Virtue?


It’s something that every parent wants their kid to learn. We would like to say that we came up with these virtues first, but actually, they are God’s virtues, such as honesty, knowledge, patience, and gratitude. There is a different virtue each month that is the over-riding theme in KIDSTUF and Station 67 (our environment for K-5th graders during main services).

Is KIDSTUF just for those who attend NorthPointe Church?


Absolutely not! If you love your church or don't have a church home, but want to experience KIDSTUF monthly, we would love for you to come. Oh, and grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, your next door neighbor~ everyone but the family dog or cat is invited too.


When and where is KIDSTUF?


One Sunday each month at 10am, KIDSTUF is held in the newly completed KIDSTUF Theater, a part of Main Street NorthPointe's family building. Main Street was specifically built to serve families both at NorthPointe Church and the surrounding community. Main Street is also where you will find The XP Loft (our student enviroment complete with worship area and small group flats), Station 67 (where K-5 can filler' up), The Ark and our full sized community gym location of UpWards Basketball.


What about the other Sundays?


NorthPointe has two morning services at 9:00am and 11:00am. During these services, we have children’s areas for all kids, birth thru 5th grade. All our children’s areas use fun and engaging teaching methods. Lessons are based on the same virtues found in KIDSTUF, allowing the whole family to be connected with what the kids are discovering about God!

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