About us


Started in 1998 by three families with a passion for God. NorthPointe Church was started in a living room then it soon moved to a local high school auditorium. God then showed the elders where he wanted them to build and that is where we are today. NorthPointe Church is an all volunteer church. Everyone from the person who cleans the toilets to the pastor serves willingly and without pay. There is much more to our story that you can hear from Pastor Jim below. 

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Our Purpose

We believe that effective churches should be driven and guided by specific purposes.  We have identified the purposes we believe God has for our church and have organized them into the NorthPointe Church Covenant:


  • We will Represent Jesus Christ as the way of life by placing Him at the center of our lives, following Christ’s example in our dealings with others, and following our Lord in the ordinances of baptism and the Lord’s Supper.


  • We will Respond to the needs for spiritual growth within the body of Christ by offering training in Christian discipleship and providing a place and time for corporate worship.


  • We will work to Restore God’s plan for Biblical values and relationships by committing ourselves to personal and family Bible study and prayer and supporting the members of this church in Christian love.


  • We will Reach others with the Gospel message of Jesus Christ by seeking to lead others to a saving knowledge of Him, by supporting local and world missions, and by reaching out to others through the ministries of this church.


  • We will Risk deep commitment to others within the body of Christ by pledging to actively participate in the ministries of this church and pledging our faithful support of the activities and services of this church.