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The inspiration for the name Jacob in Jacob's Submission Wrestling & MMA comes out of a wonderful Bible story of perseverance. Both Genesis 32 and Hosea 12 speak of Jacob wrestling with an angel of God. Jacob would not quit until he was blessed. The name Jacob means heel grabber which is fitting for submission wrestling where there is a submission called a heel hook. This story of Jacob is one of the oldest written accounts of wrestling which predates the 1st Greek Olympic Games by ~1300 years. 


Christians have differing views on self-defense and also differ on what turning the other cheek means. Jesus Christ was the most peaceful man to ever walk this Earth but He was not a pacifist. Consider these accounts. Christ asked His disciples did they have any swords and if they didn’t they were to sell their cloak and buy some. These were for self-defense. Also, notice Christ never told a Roman soldier to lay down his weapons and avoid violence. Christ also made, not found, a whip and drove the moneychangers from the temple. There is such thing as righteous anger that doesn’t lead to sin. We teach a self-defense program, not a program for revenge. Turning the other cheek to us means not escalating the aggression any more than the situation requires even if legally it can be. We believe if violence can be avoided it should be.


Jacob's Submission Wrestling and MMA holds two affiliations. The first one is for Catch As Catch Can Wrestling at Snake Pit USA Catch Wrestling Association. The second affiliation is for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at Carlos Catania Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association. 


Jacob's Submission Wrestling and MMA is an official Toe-hold Club for Scientific Wrestling.

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