Background Check Request

So you want to Volunteer? That's great! We are happy that you have made the decision to come along side us and serve and to further the kingdom. We ask that all volunteers submit a background check. We want to have a safe environment for all who attend and this is one of the ways that we accomplish this.

How does this process work? 

1. You must download and install the Church Center app on your phone. This will get your information into our system so we can initiate the background check process. You can download the app by clicking on this link.

2. Fill out the for below and submit it.

3. You will receive an email from Checkr (yes I spelled it right). This email will come to the email address that you entered when you signed up in the planning center app.

4. Follow the links in the email and submit your information. 

 If your report comes back as "Clear" you will not hear from us. "But how will I know if I am good to go" you ask? When you come to check into your volunteer location at the kiosk it will allow you to check in. If it does not allow you to check in after your background check was submitted then look for a volunteer and they can point you in the right direction. (please allow up to five days from the date of submission for the report to come back and for our system to update). We subscribe to the "no news is good news" train of thought. If you don't hear from us then you are good to go. If we call you then.... well, maybe not.

Thank you again for volunteering and giving your time to serve Jesus with us here at NorthPointe Church!

Please make sure that you enter the information below exactly how you entered it in the Church Center app. Our volunteers will not be able to accommodate your request if it isn't.

Thanks for submitting!